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PT Permata Tiga Nusantara has been established since 2004. We are the leading service provider for marine automobile engines. Ever since, we have been actively engaging in the trade of marine diesel engines, fixture of spare parts and repair services. Our services also includes commissioning, maintenance, overhaul and inspection. Moreover, we maintain high standards of services and only offers top notch products in the market.

We are confident in repairing your marine automobile engines efficiently

We ensure your engine conditions remain optimum and long lasting

Our prices are one of the best you can ever find

Experienced engineers to meet your needs

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Together at Permata

If you would like to have the opportunity to face different challenges everyday, then join us and work with our talented engineers together in servicing various types of vessels all day. In PT Permata Tiga Nusantara, we dare to face challenges no matter how tough they are. 

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